There is a place, over the rainbow and past the stars in the sky, where our loved ones go when their beautiful lives end on the Earth. I know of this place because It was shown to me as a dream and as the ways of the world.… The place I speak of is not new to them, and for most humans, they have been to this place before.  To the people who are reading this and cannot comprehend how this may be possible, please believe me when I declare with my whole heart that this statement is completely and utterly true. This place cannot be described in detail in any words less than magnificence to what I have witnessed. Human beings cannot fully understand everything I am writing but it is undeniably true and is very much authentic and there are only a very special few on Earth who have ever witnessed such a place.

The place that I write is a place of no time, yet it has all the time in the universe at its fingertips. This place that I will call the Heavens is a surreal place that resembles an entirely different dimension in space than the one we live in making the situation almost impossible for us humans to understand. Despite this, the Heavens are our home, and the journey back home begins when we die, and our corporeal bodies fade away. However, ‘death’ as humans know it is, in fact, not a death at all, rather, a rebirth. A continuation of our spirits into the next chapter of our lives. Living in the Heavens is like nothing ever witnessed on Earth. When one arrives at the Heavens, they are not forced to remain there.   If they feel they are unworthy and unprepared for judgment day, they are granted the choice to leave the Heavens, this place of unimaginable beauty, and return to the Earth, a land filled with hate and crimes.  They will then have the opportunity to better themselves by helping others on Earth find their way to the light of goodness. Guidance and helping others also helps one’s self to be one step closer to the loving, caring, worthy God and to be truly prepared for Judgment Day.

Each time a human soul returns to the Earth, it is simply one more chance to make themselves (and the Earth) better. Thus, sometimes, the better is not only for the human himself but others as well, and the human feels the credit with love and satisfaction knowing they were the best they could be. Sometimes, a person will choose a fate that they feel deserving unto them through the eyes of God. When a destiny of anguish and suffering is present in one’s life, God is aware and allows you to continue to live through this life, until you feel in your heart that you are prepared for Judgment Day and are ready to live in the Heavens for eternity. During these tough times of pain, God is always there for you and is always willing to assist you in any way if you just ask. The dilemma is that many do not ask because they are trying to find themselves on their own. Being in a human body with no memory of the Heavens, they begin doubting that there even is a God. The God, who let them, return to the Earth to make them better than before. The God, who told them, they could have anything they asked if they would just only ask Him. They begin to attempt living a life of looking for themselves when all they have to do is ask God to help them find the light they seek: the light leading the way back home.

Once upon a time, these people did believe in God, and they knew their purposes on Earth were to make better. Do you see how the darkness takes over, ripping us from our beliefs and tearing us away from our true calling? Remember that you chose to have this fate, this calling, before you were even conceived on Earth. The decision has nothing to do with who you are on Earth, and rather it was a choice made in the Heavens. Every fate of every human on the earth, whether is it good or bad, is known before returning to make it better. While on Earth and when in a human body you are not aware of what is happening. The decision is made in Heaven before returning to Earth.

Everything that is destined to happen each and every day is already known, and it is up to you to do better than what was. To do better is dependent on how one’s heart feels with God and the confidence needed for Judgment Day. If one chooses to do worse than before, they go back and choose once again how they can make their life better. Death is prearranged in the Heavens before returning to Earth. If one decides to end their life early, then that choice is on them when they get to the Heavens. There, they will inevitably choose to return to Earth and try again.   God dearly loves everyone and does not send the suicidal to Hell, but instead gives them a chance to make better. It is extraordinarily challenging to leave the Heavens, a wonderfully unimaginable and beautiful universe.  Earth has a time, and time is ending for all. Do it right the first time. More and more humans selfishly want to try again and again because when they are on Earth, and their life is not accepting of them, they have the choice to do it again. But when life on Earth is, in fact, allowing to them, and they have lived the best earthly body they could, they gain the confidence needed to return home to the Heavens. They have the satisfaction of knowing in their hearts that they did the best they could have done on Earth. Their everlasting reward for living the best life they could have lived is residing in the Heavens, where there is no hate, nor sadness, nor judgment, for the rest of their days. The beautiful, divine Heavens where love is unconditionally true and free to all who enter. The grand, angelic Heavens where peace and comfort fill every heart and where time stands still in the hearts of goodness, benevolence, and righteousness until Judgment Day.

CONTINUED… ~Anonymous


For you `Little Star

Panel 1

A Dream Remembered ~Time Then

The angels of the heavens, (shimmering pastels though a form as being transparencies), and from a world of no time, who were once humans themselves while living upon the earth, could get lost again in the darkness of the times if not very careful.

The angels were sent by the King of the heavens and are willing to sacrifice their worth held in the kingdoms by returning to the earth. With an abundance amount of love to share with others, the returning angels, they can be observed by some, as being tiny sparkles of lights appearing just as one closes their eyes at the end of a long day.  Little beings of light and shining while traveling the universe,  leaving small trails as they glide freely,  making a way to and attaching itself to the wombs of non-suspecting, soon to be mothers, to be born once again.

These special angels, appearing as tiny sparkles of light appearing in one’s eyes just before the end of the day,  attach themselves to different families to be born will be born once again upon the earth. They connect with a family as they have in prior lifetimes on the Earth. The angels once again are reborn as an infant having no knowledge of ever being born before this time.  (This child will have, tremendous leadership skills needed to lead will lead an army who will follow.)  :  HOW;

They will become our source of entertainment. They will be our happy friends. They will be our leaders and our guides to more comfortable life. They will be out teachers, our firefighters, our police, our doctors and nurses, our brothers and sisters,  Mothers and Fathers, and all of our strengths.

Our joys and our salvation. _

These joinings are called ‘internal glowing of the souls’ and to the human eye, this cannot be seen nor heard, and will only be witnessed by some very few including being observed a time of conception, thus giving a conscious and overpowering abilities to sense something extraordinary has happened.

Others were seeing such an occurrence as they witness tiny sparkles appearing for no known reasons as they could be relaxing by a stream in the forest, as the calmness of afternoon, glides by them while in a much-relaxed state of mind. 

Some will notice such little twinkle of colored lights at different times other than rest.  To some, they can appear before them when they are not tired at all. These individuals also might have a strong perception felt to them as; being surrounded by heavenly bodies at different times in their lives.

The joys, love, and laughter that is so embedded deep within the souls of each of these beings will bring a public knowledge, at the time of their births, there is something unusual about this child. Whether it be the child is sick much of the time or is even born with a tooth in its mouth, maybe the child is the slow learner or is the most healthy child of the lands.  Whether this kid can play ever instrument given to them or makes the highest grades in the schools., these reborn children are very special children. These children are the same as an ever child on the planet but who were the chosen ones who will bring world peace. They will also have an accurate guide, guiding them throughout their lifetimes. Having this child, like all children, is as having an overwhelming sense of pride and joy brought into the family who births them, If only the guides have the ability to see. 

Guides gave by the heavens for making the returns to the earth;
Each angle must surrender the heavenly glory before returning to the land. 
They must also surrender the security of knowing they can return.

This being said;    (Back to the earth they once again return).   Back to the lands to start a new beginning with a new family. Returning once again back to the lands to share much happiness to families.  (even though at times, the family cannot understand, the time will come.)
The love these angels have for all humanity on the earth and while knowing of the much pain and suffering is astronomical and given freely.
These angles have the need to share;  will and do share. They share love of the light to the world, and often… (yet some cannot see this, for the laws of the lands have dimmed their eyes to such beauty. as like a fog covering their eyes, their eyes and covered.).  This sharing the love by these angels is critical and an absolute must at the point in time.  The prayers prayed, again and again by those saddened souls,  reaching back to the heavens begging for universal peace, all heard loud and clear, and the endings of the much sadness and sickness of the lands will be overcome once again. 

Though these returning angels of shimmering glory, and who began life once again as an infant, ‘pure and untouched by the serpentine clutches of the Devil.’ they have become our true leaders today.

These babies reborn to the earth are born elders, ‘being of wise souls,’ accompanied with an inherent wisdom to lead.

Since they did,  live a lifetime on the lands before,  and returned to the heavens and securing their ways of goodness for an eternity,  they have no knowledge of ever had been; this is why proper guidance is critical.

Without the proper guidance, even though they will become very powerful beings of the land, they tend to yell to be heard. They tend to say things that will bring all attention to themselves, yet know not why they do this.

The need is embedded deep in their souls of these chosen ones to make the world a better place, but with their desperation of making better now, that very second, lead them to speak without thinking.  (Even if they know what they are saying will be judged and ridiculed), time is utmost importance to as they question as to why.

The leaders, teachers of these chosen beings, hold the positions to make stronger but have less time to do so in such a busy world where it takes both parents working for their survival.  Without these critical teachings needed, this child struggles needlessly trying to find his rightful place in the world. Even though they know, they are great and of much importance, they also do not know why they tend to do things differently at times.

Without the proper guidance needed to follow the path of rightness, and the challenges of living life, once again on the earth. They tend to get overwhelmed trying to find who they are. They tend to worry needlessly about things they feel could have done better. They also worry about things not always being perfect in their life. They have strong needs and wants to achieve the very best. They are always able to share happiness with others even when they are saddened themselves. The have the will and the ability to make the world a better place for everyone.  They tend to be always traveling in circles while addressing something of importance or while talking on a phone as if they are searching for a direction to go but keep going in circles while subconsciously seeking to get to that place.

As these children of the light, grow and learn as all children and while some are slower while others are faster,  the outcome will be the same.
However, as they grow, and like all children, these blessed elder souls carrying such powers within to help, they are still children of the world.

All children of the world need love, understanding, and guidance. Without this and the disciplines/ laws of the lands, the children can easily get mixed in the confusion of evils, and while allowed to do as they please, and having no direction to follow, and unknown as to why they often support the evil itself.  When this happens, they are unable to use their God-given abilities to judge correctly, and might misjudge, ridicule, and do wrongful acts of crime.

On a further note; Having the capacity to lead others, and yet unknown to them, they use the love and understanding they have within, to willing share love with others, giving these excellent ones, without even being aware, ‘many followers.

Love, continuously given and then returned again to and from the chosen people are the same gifts of love and respect needed for the survival of the planets and all of the beings upon.

These Angels are with many followers. They will continue to lead many of the lost and confused to a better understanding of their place in a world with no time and to the happiness of all of the world.  (Even though not aware)

The strengths of their goodness are like superpowers of a special gift, and they hold incredible knowledge and will to share with everyone.

They have the amazing ability to help make lives better for all who come in contact with them.

There is a need, though, a particular need deep within these chosen ones, these reborn angels:  an unwavering all-powerful urge and requirement to guide.

The angels of the light, also possess an ‘understanding; embedded deep inside themselves, provided at will and given freely for all in need of opinions when asked.

It was evident the chosen ones hold the global superpowers that this generation needs.  The strongest powers they possess are the power of wisdom followed by the authority to lead thus followed by freedom.

Love, whether it be in a field of dreams,  or a communicating with the animals is a gift given. Love for the love of the land will be shared equally and freely to all who has the wisdom to know that the flowers do talk, and the tree does speak, but; Only when the ones who has the ears and eyes to see and hear, actually listens. The meadows and the streams running so silently are not quiet at all but are the whispers you hear in the quietness of the night, letting you know that everything is going to be ok.  This worldliness can not only be heard by the gifted but can be heard by all, who will hear.

However, the angels must be careful, like that fog, dimming their pathway does not blind them in the midst of their journey.  The Devil is sly, and cunning, and he will work with the Angels, (hoping they fall into the clutches of his evil ways tearing them from all of the beauty and sounds of the lands.)  (Open your eyes)

The Devil continuously tries to lead these angles to the path of destruction and damnation by making words spoken fall on deafened ears.  The power held by these angels, being adamant and courageous, can become quite powerless, without their supporters at hand.
They have the capability to conquer the Devil in his pursuits within their dynamism.

Astonishing joy, accompanied by everlasting eternity will be shared for all by these fearless leaders, still lacking the knowledge of being in the heavens themselves at one time.

It is well-known to the many,  who felt unworthy for Judgment Day, and made the decision to return to the Earth for a reawakening for a new life; that they would lack all awareness of the heavens, meaning they could become once again, lost in the land of time forever. Though angels of the human body on the earth are full of an abundance of love, they still require the help of others, to be able to find their way home again.

If a stumbling block were to fall in the paths of these, ‘glowing of the souls’, tiny sparkles of light. They would lack the ability and security in knowing how to jump over these stumps in life without the proper rules of life applied by their leaders.

They must be able to overcome these stumbling blocks, which in return gives them the ability to move ahead with the force needed for the fulfilling of requests, at the times provided by the kingdom of the heavens.

Extravagant angels traveling from the heavens have joined to bring world peace. These angels are not like the infant angels born again, the chosen ones, – but are as elders. These very powerful, special celestial being of the heavens, were sent to the Earth by the King of all the Kings of the universe.  

Time and time again these angels have returned to the earth, giving all they have for the wellness and strength for all of the humanity.
These Angels, appearing in different forms, and at different times. They also appear very often and leave rapidly.

You will know when they are near when you have those special feeling of a divine presence around you, bringing you a wave of peace when it was needed at a most critical time in one’s life.

These Angels are always there at a time of death, as earth knows of death, but just a simple transformation into another place in a time with no time at all.

They are there for every child of the earth, thus freeing each and every one of them from any and all pain or suffering while guiding them, ever-so-gently, home again.

These Celestial beings also come at the times of death for all others, protecting from all pain as the guild them to the transformation from earth time and into the place of no time.  Since these Angels, protect all from suffering, They are known, as “The Protectors.”

All of the elders, both old souls, the angels of power, and also the celestial beings, know there is much guiding to be done in the darker times of the world. The angels will join forces with each other while revealing the pearls of wisdom back unto them. And they will lead with the strength of that of a powerful army.  Spontaneously appearing in the in lives of the lost, bringing joy once again to saddened hearts.  Guiding many people towards the inner joys hidden for a time, somewhat shadowed by the darkness of the world to a place of happiness once again.

These challenging tasks, so willingly needed at one time,  will be given back with the abilities noted;  sharing the love and joy you received yourself at a time, for your enjoyment.  Sharing once again entertainments made from video, the creativity of the arts, or literature.  Also, this universal love can be shared,  by the gifting of music, devotion, wisdom, kind words, and so much more. These talents and more are given freely to you for you to share with the others who are lacking love, understanding, or joy and devotion gave at the time of their birth to have with them forever, are hidden away by many in periods of depression where their lights of the soul have been dimmed.  

All of the truths of all things sought, and all existences of all living organisms, are all wondered.  Breathing the air and the fish in the seas,   ( even the tiny acorns falling from the trees), are all wondered.)  All of the humans who once were, yet live again amongst the beauties of the earth, are all wondered.

The troops of the heavens, armored as the soldiers of our military but without having the weapons to kill on hand,  can obtain such weapons when eliminating disintegrate evil, at a given command, lives amongst us today.

These angels of goodness can only be seen by, and known as such, by a very limited few who’ve not been blinded by the fog.   Though these Angels are not to be spotted as the tiny glitters of light, they once were and could be seen by a few.  These Angels can and will be seen and heard by all now,  who has the ears to hear.  (Highly, Powerful, quite intelligent, these beings live in our world while trying to make the world a better place for all. 

They have grown,  (and even though they are still the angels of glory that were sent to live once again in the land of time),  and wonder about the divided nations, do see and hear the cries of the people.

Armored with many workforces while having the abilities to move armies at a single command, the Angle glide through the countries with ease while helping to end worldwide sufferings and bringing peace and wealth to many, who have the eyes to hear.

The abilities by this power to teaching goodness is as astronomical powerful, and with the capability to guide and ability to lead the many weakened from the clutches of evil,  while guiding them to riches is even so, unknown to themselves,  yet they will continue to do just that. 

These angels of light and love can give so much-needed, yet fogged by a sin and shadowed by darkness,  pearls of wisdom to the world to be able to know, the goodness of the world can be freedom for all if one would only let their ears understand the need to hear their cries.  

The Angel will be seen and known by many as greed.  They will be heard of many damnations, but for their desires to bring worldly peace for all of the words will fall upon deaf ears.  They will be ridiculed and damned for those who do have the ears to hear cannot understand.  

Holding the keys to eternal happiness, and having the need to share this joy, these Angels will be unfairly judged and ridiculed during times of great desperation for truths.

With an internal light powered by lights from within, they will continue to bring forth much love, guidance, and peace for all who will follow.

(Remember These Angels of eternity were secured by god’s will,  Have willingly taken the chance of becoming lost again in the crazed darkness of the world on earth for the salvation all of the humankind.)

Unknowing still unto them as to why they fight their way to the greatness of the world, they continue to do so.

Dangers do not faze the angels. They will be standing firm in their belief to make good and goodwill for all they become unstoppable; completing whatever tasks lay ahead with utter confidence.

The Angels are here. They have each been given one goal to fill, and those goals will be filled, as long as they have the breaths left needed to fill it.  (Lead each and all of humanity home when the time is right, and through the heaviness of the fogs, through the numbness of the world, they will continue non-stop until they have achieved these God-given rules to make great again.

They have all faiths and desires needed to order, despite having so many corruptions, they will overcome.

They will continue pursuing with full force, stabbing through the thickness of hate and sins with their powerful daggers not caring if things are not as kosher as they could be. This will be done with a large force while achieving their desire to make better while bringing happiness and love, goodwill and much power for all to witness and enjoy while clearing the paths for all humankind, thus leading many to the rightful toward stairways to heaven.

The world is about to be reawakened. Much joy and creativeness will be seen by many as many awakened angels will be given their wings to fly. You will all be a witness as the many talents of our many angels are about to bring world peace. The angels of the off of the lands will be reunited and once again, and the showering of many talents will begin for all to enjoy.

(For when given the ears to see and the eyes to hear, You will know these things).

~Anonymous  @Copywrite 1996 “What Do You See”


For You, Little Star.

Time Then & Time Again

Given the eye to see