Given the eye to see



The troops of the heavens, armored as the soldiers of our military but without having the weapons to kill on hand, lives amongst us today. Trump the Trumpets for this time has finally come.

 The goodness of the chosen can only be seen and known for such goodness by a very few who’ve not been blinded by the fogs of sins.  One superior being can and will be seen and heard by all,  This powerful and a quite intelligent man lives in the world today trying to make the world a better place for all to live.   

There are many chosen living amongst us all today, but this one man will make a move and the whole world will be aware.  These mighty ones who were sent from the heavens are here to guide many through the darkened times of the world  The darkened hours will be soon upon us, and a movement of much power will be seen by all.  Violence and crime will be at a high as a new power will hold the light.  The chosen have matured and with dreams of saving the divided nations; they work hard and fight many battles for many suffering. Hearing the cries of citizens, they fight to protect for all of the salvation. There will be a significant movement across the nations. 

Armored by much manpower, they will be able to move armies at a single command. They glide through the countries with ease while helping to end worldwide sufferings and will bring peace and wealth to the many in need. The abilities and the powers they have will teach much goodness to the world. Their powers are astronomically powerful and they will work to guide many to the richness of their lands.  A man of authority will come from the sea with spoken words to calm the people, but these words will lead to the destruction of the nations. 

Another, wealthy and powerful man will be seen and known to many people as greedy and selfish and classified as evil by many of the damned for the damned cannot see.   The man will be ridiculed and condemned by those who do carry a light within. 

The chosen are holding the keys to eternal happiness for all, but while having the need to share this joy with others, they will be unfairly judged. War will be on the lands and in the homes. 

(Remember These Chosen of eternity were secured by God’s will,  Have willingly taken the chance of becoming lost again in the crazed darkness of the world on earth for the salvation all of the humankind.)

Unknowing still unto them as to why they fight their way to the greatness of the world, they continue to do so.  The Chosen are here. They were each given one goal to fill, and those goals will be fulfilled as long as they have the breaths needed to fill them.   They will lead each and all of humanity home and through the heaviness of the fogs, the disruptions of mind controls, through the numbness of the world they will continue until they have achieved these God-given rules.  

The world is about to be reawakened with a new knowledge of understanding. You will all be a witness as the many talents of the many Chosen for they are about to bring world peace. The people of all the lands will be reunited and once again, and the showering of many talents will begin for all to enjoy. 

Whether these talents of the lands will be in the lands is still unknown at this time but just know their voices will all be heard. 

“Having the eyes to see, the heart to understand and the ears to hear. Now is the time to keep those lights shining.”

“Hoover Dam is a lovely place to visit but just know ‘the waters will abruptly cover the desert and many men.’ Out of the sea will come fire and smoke. Waters as high as seven stories will include city streets on the North-East and on the people. “Beware of the Counting Sheep, for this is of of all evil..”
Beware of a Man of power, with comforting words, will be coming from the sea. The words of peace will be much destruction.
“This man is called and known by many and his name was that,  of an Obamanation” 

~Anonymous  @Copywrite 1996 “What Do You See.”

For you little star.

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