Time Then & Time Again



There is a place, over the rainbow and past the stars in the sky where our loved ones go when their beautiful lives end on the Earth. I know of this place because I was shown the ways of the world in a dream… The place I will try to describe is not new to them and for most humans, they have been to this location before.

To the people who are reading this and cannot comprehend how this may be possible, please believe me when I declare with my whole heart that this statement is completely and utterly true. This place that I am trying to put into words cannot explain in detail with any words other than magnificence. I had witnessed an another galaxy one could not possibly imagine and humans cannot understand; yet everything I am writing is undeniably true and is very much authentic.  

This place that I speak of is a place of no time, yet it has all the time in the universe at its fingertips. This place that I will call the Heavens is a surreal place that resembles a completely different dimension in space than the one we live in making the place almost impossible for us humans to understand. Despite this, the Heavens are our home, and the journey back home begins when we die, and our corporeal bodies fade away.  However, ‘death’ as humans know it is, in fact, not a death at all, rather, a rebirth. A continuation of our spirits into the next chapter of our lives.

Living in the Heavens is like nothing ever witnessed on Earth. When one arrives at the Heavens, they are not forced to remain there.   If they feel they are unworthy and unprepared for judgment day, they are granted the choice to leave the Heavens, a place of unimaginable beauty and return to the Earth.   They will then have the opportunity to better themselves by helping others on Earth, find their way to the light of goodness.   Guidance and helping others also helps one’s self to be one step closer to the loving, caring and worthy of our God and to be truly prepared for Judgment Day.

Each time humans returns to the Earth, it is simply one more chance to make themselves (and the Earth) better. Thus, sometimes, the better is not only for the human himself but others as well, and the human feels the credit with love and satisfaction knowing they were the best they could be.  Sometimes a human will choose a fate that they feel deserving unto them through the eyes of God. When a fate of anguish and suffering is present in one’s life, God is aware and allows you to continue to live through this life until you feel in your heart that you are prepared for Judgment Day and are ready to live in the Heavens for eternity.   During these tough times with pain and heartache, God is always there for you and is always willing to assist you in any way if you just ask. The dilemma is that many do not ask because they are trying to find themselves on their own.

Being in a human body with no memory of the Heavens, they begin doubting that there even is a God. The God who let them return to the Earth to make them better than before. The God, who told them they could have anything they asked if they would just simply ask Him. They begin to attempt living a life of looking for themselves when all they have to do is ask God to help them find the light they’re looking for: the light leading the way back home. Once upon a time, these people did believe in God, and they knew their purposes on Earth were to make better.

Do you see how the darkness takes over, ripping us from our beliefs and tearing us away from our true calling?  Remember that you chose to have this fate, this calling, before you were even conceived on Earth. The decision has nothing to do with who you are on Earth, and rather it was a choice made in the Heavens.

Every fate of every human, whether is it good or bad, is known before returning to Earth to make it better. While on Earth and when in a human body you are not aware of what is happening. The decision is made in Heaven before returning to Earth. Everything that is destined to happen each and every day is already known, and it is up to you to do better than what was. To do better is dependent on how one’s heart feels with God and the confidence needed for Judgment Day. If one chooses to do worse than before, they go back and choose once again how they can make their life better.

Death is pre-arranged in the Heavens before ever returning to the Earth. When one decides to end their life early, then that choice is on them when they get to the Heavens. There, they will inevitably decide to return to Earth and try again.  God dearly loves everyone and does not send the suicidal to Hell, but instead gives them a chance to make better.

It is extraordinarily challenging to leave the Heavens, a wonderfully unimaginable and beautiful universe. Earth has a time, and time is ending for all. Do it right the first time. More and more humans selfishly want to try again and again because when they are on Earth, and their life is not accepting of them, they have the choice to do it again. But when life on Earth is, in fact, accepting to them, and they have lived the best earthly body they could, they gain the confidence needed to return home to the Heavens. They have the satisfaction of knowing in their hearts that they did the best they could have done on Earth. Their everlasting reward for living the best life they could have lived is residing in the Heavens, where there is no hate, nor sadness, nor judgment, for the rest of their days. The beautiful, divine Heavens where love is unconditionally true and free to all who enter. The grand, angelic Heavens where peace and comfort fill every heart and where time stands still in the hearts of goodness, benevolence, and righteousness until Judgment Day.



~ For you `Little Star


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